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GRC regional association Saxony e.V. overview

The Regional Association of Saxony e.V. is one of 19 GRC regional associations in Germany. It represents the principles of the GRC and mainly assumed a coordinating role for the GRC in the state of Saxony. Our regional association consists of 39 district associations and 199 local associations and communities, and the Sisterhood of the German Red Cross axes that are with a wide range of products and dedicated employees working for you.

As an association of independent welfare, National Aid Society as well as a an independent youth organization (JRK Saxony), the national association of Saxony e.V. with all its subdivisions of the national and international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Our full-time and honorary work is based on the internationally accepted principles of the Red Cross as well as the guidelines.

Association structure

Highest decision-making organ of the regional association is the regional assembly, which meets at least once a year. The regional assembly is composed of 150 delegates - honorary people from all branches and communities of the regional association. She chooses, among others the association peak, nearly decisions on amendments or approved regional applicable regulations.

Supreme representative of the GRC Saxony is the president. The honorary presidency of the regional association sets combined political goals and ideas and leads supervision of the board. The full-time board conducts the business and consists of the chairman and the second member of the board.


The base of the GRC in Saxony are the five communities

Each community has elected leaders at local, district, and state level. In these communities, some 14,380 active members are volunteers. Their work is supported by donations from the people and the contributions of around 122 440 sustaining members. [more under Figures & Facts]

Office of regional association

With around 55 employees, the regional office  is primarily a service provider for the Saxon GRC district associations. All areas that offer these, we take action in a advisory and supportive role. The regional office is the interface to the bodies and institutions of the Federation for the district associations. Purposes, it maintains several departments or service areas. [to service areas] She also maintains close contact with the Red Cross facilities and subsidiaries in Saxony [Overview GRC facilities].