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The GRC District Associations in Saxony

The GRC Regional Association of Saxony e.V. consists of 39 district associations, which are with a large range and dedicated employees working for you. The DRC district associations in Saxony implement prescribed by the regional association uniform regulations and union political goals. They ensure compliance with the Red Cross principles within their territory and encourage collaboration between the total of 192 local groups and communities of the GRC by central action.

The district associations working together with the local groups among others:

  • Support of blood donation appointments,
  • Ensure the health care of events (Medical Services)
  • First aid courses for the population,
  • Care for older persons,
  • Care of festivities in retirement homes,
  • Acceptance of old clothes etc.

Klick her for overviews of the GRC District Associations in Saxony!

Map of GRC district associations in Saxony