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Social Commitment - Volunteering in GRC

Their social commitment, the thousands of volunteers not only help others, they also develop personally and shape the social climate in Germany, by taking responsibility for other people.

For heart and soul - welfare and social work

Frau mit Seniorin
Foto: A. Zelck / DRK

The volunteer (such as full-time) exerted welfare and social work is to support people in difficult life situations and to accompany them. The offerings are aligned so that they help people to help themselves and thus promote independence and responsibility. Help for individuals or groups most directly and immediately.

Our involvement in the voluntary welfare and social work of the GRC is helping to make life help people in need diverse, contact richer and happier overall. Professional full-time services and facilities help promote public interest. They are usefully complemented by voluntary commitment and support, not replaced. The volunteers provide additional contacts within their social circle, they offer participation in social life.

Find your own personal ways of engagement!

Beim Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht-Spielen
Foto: M. Wodrich / DRK

Heart is asked: Volunteers of Social Services are people in personal and social distress to the side, donate courage and open new perspectives. The Social Volunteering gives many different ways to get involved. The GRC is also open to suggestions. Check out just exactly! One can, for example ...

  • Support children with their homework,
  • Visit the elderly or disabled people with few social contacts,
  • pave young people to enter professional life, or
  • people in need hot food supply.

Flexible Engagement - suitable for you!

The community welfare and social work forms the structural framework of social engagement in the DRC. Volunteering is also easily possible without GRC membership.

Some tasks require an ongoing commitment of volunteers and a long-term commitment. But there are also many opportunities to participate in short-term projects or short-term actions.

The voluntary workers are supported by a voluntary management / a volunteering coordinator.

Become a helper with and for the heart!

The GRC is looking women and men of all ages, the want to do:

  • something useful,
  • want to help disadvantaged people,
  • take pleasure to be with other people,
  • improve the lives of disadvantaged,
  • want to bring in their own interests, experiences and knowledge in a social engagement or
  • want to continue to qualify professionally and personally.